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We specialize in implementing Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions for General Accounting applications ranging from Project Accounting to E-commerce to Customer Relationship Management. We also partner with industry-specific application providers to better serve our Health Care and Not-For-Profit customers.

General Accounting
Microsoft Great Plains business applications help small and midsize companies become more agile in today's interconnected economy by extending specific information and procedures to employees, customers, vendors and partners. These applications automate end-to-end business processes across financials, distribution, project accounting, electronic commerce, human resources and payroll, manufacturing, business analytics, and customer service and support.

Vertical Solutions

Health Care: We employ solutions by Infosys, bringing you a thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace. Infosys provides technology as well as healthcare industry expertise in all areas of the industry - health care providers, healthcare insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare provider organizations, healthcare supply chains, healthcare standards compliance, and industry best practices.
Not-For-Profit: We provide applications developed by Encore, the Not-For-Profit solution developer of choice within the Microsoft Great Plains community. Encore is dedicated to extending Microsoft Great Plains business solutions' functionality with applications that meet the operational and reporting needs of the Not-For-Profit and Government sectors.
Manufacturing: Our product offerings for Manufacturing include Horizons Manufacturing Suite, a series of modules enabling manufacturing scalability, and Great Plains Manufacturing, a comprehensive suite of manufacturing applications for managing production and resource planning.


Whatever you need, we provide integrated e-business solutions to help you maximize efficiency. Our products make it easier for you to do business with your customers, vendors and partners. We create custom-tailored solutions for the following business needs:

Accounting and Finance
Superior financial, reporting and business management applications help you run your business better and provide the backbone for the rest of your business-critical applications.
Customer Relationship Management
Empower your sales, marketing and customer service teams to work together to generate more revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.
Build an effective, efficient Web-based sales channel with full integration between your Web storefront and sales management applications.
Human Resources
Increase the quality and consistency of your human resource activities to reduce workloads, control costs, attract and retain the right people, and improve employee job satisfaction.
Deploy a comprehensive production management and resource planning system to improve all your manufacturing processes, from forecasting to quality assurance.
Project Accounting
Effectively manage projects, ensure budgets are met and billing is accurate and timely. Base project decisions on sound, up-to-the-minute data to increase profitability and client satisfaction, whether you're in the office, or at a client site.


All of our products offer a solid accounting and finance core for e-business. All are backed by ongoing service and around-the-clock support. But each integrated product family offers a range of features for specific business needs.

For mid-sized to large companies. eEnterprise delivers an integrated set of proven global business applications and custom services that integrate your business processes, no matter how complex.
For mid-sized companies. Solomon offers a full range of business applications. Solomon can be customized for your needs, easily integrated into current systems, and adapted over time as your needs change.
For small to mid-sized companies. Over 30,000 businesses use Dynamics every day to provide access to decision-driving information. Dynamics offers powerful financial and process applications that are easy to use and personalize.
Small Business Manager
For small companies. Small Business Manager is an affordable, easy to use accounting solution for small, growing businesses geared to help you be more productive, effectively integrate with other software, and access vital information to make informed business decisions.
Enterprise Reporting
For companies with complex reporting needs. Enterprise Reporting combines the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet with the organizational benefits of a centrally controlled reporting application.